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Comprehensive Civil Litigation Lawyer in Lilburn, Georgia

Civil Law Service in Lilburn
The term “civil litigation” covers a wide variety of legal cases. Civil litigation could include uncontested divorce, adoption, estate law and employment disputes.
At the Law Office of Adebimpe Jafojo, P.C., we represent clients with many kinds of civil disputes. Our civil litigation lawyer in Lilburn, Georgia, has over 20 years of experience serving Georgians and looks forward to resolving your civil dispute as well.

Our Civil Litigation Services

You can rely on Adebimpe Jafojo and her legal team to handle any of the following civil litigation cases.
Uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse are able to agree on the terms of your divorce, then we can make sure the legal process goes quickly and smoothly.
Adoptions. Whether you’re adopting locally or internationally, adoption can involve many legal issues. Our civil litigation lawyer in Lilburn, Georgia, can help your adoption go through without any lingering legal problems.
Wills. A lawyer’s help can be crucial as you prepare your will. We can make sure your will addresses all your wishes and covers all necessary legal ground.
Breach of contract, encroachment and negligence. If another party has harmed you in a personal or business setting, we can take action against that party. We can also enforce civil remedies such as compensation, damages and injunction.
We’ve taken on a wide variety of cases and look forward to fighting for a satisfactory legal result for your case.

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You need a caring and passionate advocate to take on your civil litigation case. The Law Office of Adebimpe Jafojo, P.C., welcomes anyone who needs legal representation. We have bilingual staff members and top-notch customer service to help you feel comfortable.
Get the legal guidance and support you need to get your case resolved quickly. Call today for a consultation with our civil litigation lawyer in Lilburn, Georgia.