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6 Ways to Make the US Immigration Process Easier

Immigrating to the United States can be a complicated process. You'll need to be optimistic and persistent throughout the process in order to come through with the green card or citizenship you seek.
The more you know going into the process, the better able you'll be able to handle immigrating without stress. The following are six things you need to do from the start to make the US immigration process easier for you.
1. Obey the Law
Nothing will be more harmful to your chances of meeting your immigration goals than having a criminal charge on your record.
While you're immigrating, be careful to stay out of trouble and to not associate with individuals who could get you in trouble with the law. Also, familiarize yourself with legal expectations and obligations you have while you're in the US. Finally, keep up with all your tax responsibilities. 
2. Prepare to File Numerous Petitions
In a lot of cases, the family member of an immigrating individual needs to file petitions on behalf of him or her so that a green card or immigrant visa can be pursued.
Generally speaking, try to get multiple family members to file visa petitions for you. The more individuals you have that are eligible to submit a petition, the higher your chances get of having your immigration request granted.
3. Expect Some Delays
A lot of individuals going through the immigration process become nervous and stressed when it seems like the process is delayed. They assume that there is a problem in their application or petition because things aren't progressing on schedule.
However, those who are seeking immigration need to understand that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is frequently overwhelmed with applications and behind schedule.
Many immigrants must wait several years before their green card or visa application is completely processed. Be patient and persistent rather than letting any delays cause you stress. 
4. Be Punctual for USCIS Appointments
Your USCIS appointments and immigration hearings need to be a priority. Clear your schedule for them. If you arrive late for an appointment or hearing with the embassy, consulate, or court, your appointment may be canceled.
The consequences of a canceled or missed appointment can be severe. Not only could your immigration case become delayed, but you may even face a risk of deportation if you fail to attend a USCIS appointment for which you are scheduled. 
5. Seek Help From Legislators When Possible
If you are in personal contact with any state legislators, use this to your advantage in pursuing a green card or citizenship.
Legislators have a lot of sway with numerous government agencies. Members of Congress can inquire about your immigration case and even encourage immigration agencies to take action on your case. This could lead to your case being prioritized and moved forward more quickly. 
6. Keep the USCIS Updated About Address Changes
If you are likely to change your address at any point during your immigration process, make sure that the USCIS is one of the first institutions that you notify about your address change.
Missing any correspondence from the USCIS could be catastrophic for your immigration efforts. If you miss correspondence, you might be unaware of a scheduled appointment.
The USCIS might assume that you are no longer pursuing immigration if you don't show up for an appointment or respond to correspondence. This could put you in the position of having to start all over again with your application process. 
These tips will put you in a better position in the immigration process. If you're in need of legal representation throughout your immigration proceedings, contact us at the Law Office of Adebimpe Jafojo, P.C., to discuss your situation.